Use Case Walk Throughs for Real-Time Stream Processing eBook


Use Case Walkthroughs for Real-Time Stream Processing

Benefits of Stream Processing

Businesses are leveraging stream processing to make smarter and faster business decisions, act on time-sensitive and mission-critical data, obtain real-time analytics and insights, and build applications with features delivered to end-users in real time.

In this eBook, we'll walk through five common use cases of real-time stream processing, including Customer 360, food delivery tracking, fraud detection, shipping logistics tracking, and website clickstream analytics. Starting with a sample data schema for each scenario, we'll take a look at how quickly and easily SQL statements can be used to create a series of one or more pipelines to clean, transform, enrich, and aggregate raw incoming data into its desired form.

Decodable’s mission is to make streaming data engineering easy. We deliver the first real-time data engineering service that anyone can run. As a platform for real-time data ingestion, integration, analysis, and event driven service development, Decodable eliminates the need for a large data team, clusters to set up, or complex code to write.

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