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Benefits of Apache Flink SQL

Given the business requirements and technology capabilities of the past, most developers are used to building data-driven applications atop databases like PostgreSQL, where the data is at rest. But to meet today's modern application needs and demands, more and more businesses are looking to leverage real-time data streams, or data in motion.

Apache Flink is one of the most widely used real-time data stream processing platforms due to its true streaming semantics, high throughput, and low latency capabilities. However, building your own Flink application using an imperative language like Java requires a deep and thorough understanding of streaming concepts.

Flink SQL provides the ability to process real-time data using Structured Query Language, the de facto standard language used to access and process data, and one that is familiar to a very wide range of developers. It provides an optimized implementation that is difficult to achieve with Java, resulting in the clear advantage of being able get to market faster with efficient real-time applications when using Flink SQL.


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